we are

Bibles + Brunch was founded because God is calling for a powerful uprising of intentional women. We stand on the fact that regardless of race, creed, color, age or stage God has a supernatural purpose and gift(s) for each of his daughters. We strive to curate an intentional generation of women who make Christ a real and foundational part of everyday life, no matter the status quo.

We Believe

  • That Jesus is the way, truth and the light

  • That living a holy life is something God expects from us and equips us to do through his Holy Spirit

  • In authentic Christianity that disrupts the status quo and dares to be honest about sin, trial, triumph and restoration

  • In the gifts, talents and callings of the Holy Spirit

  • In pursuing every part of life with intention while placing Christ as the foundation

  • In setting legacies that leave our children, our families and this world in a better place to receive Jesus when He returns


We Do

Life Together by talking over brunch about our purpose and our plans.

Ministry Together by being activated in our calling while clearly receiving direction about what to do next at our annual SheACTS conference.

Rest Together by retreating for the purpose of restoration, so we're good for the communities and people for which we've been called.