Jude is a one chapter book that challenges the believer's understanding of the Faith. Starting with a reminder of identity as those that are called and kept, to a strong prompt to contend for the faith in a perilous generation, Jude answers a perplexity of modern christianity: faithfulness in a faithless generation.

  • We study Jude to be reminded of the calling of God.

  • We study Jude to gain understanding of the nuances of God's history and the forces that war in the unseen realms.

  • We study Jude so we can stand, firm and unwavering in our certainty of Christ.

June 23rd - July 29th

Download the complimentary Jude Study PDF to follow along on our 5 week journey into the book of Jude.

For the purpose of this study, we will be using Jackie Hill Perry's Jude Bible Study. Link's to purchase Jackie's study are included in the complimentary PDF.

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