B+B Princples

Bibles + Brunch has an organizational purpose to curate an intentional generation of women who make Christ a real and foundational part of everyday life, no matter the status quo. We do this by providing spiritual training, education and discipleship for women to live Christ-centered lives grounded in biblical principles targeting the areas of: life, ministry and rest. 

We ascribe to three guiding principles that focus our organizational purpose while maximizing our impact: Personal Development, Spiritual Development and Community Development.

Personal Development

The intentional pursuit of personal growth by expanding self-awareness and knowledge while improving personal skills.

Bibles + Brunch provides education on emotional, mental, social, and sociological implications relevant to culture and individual personal growth. This is accomplished through workshops on diverse personal topics relating to the social sciences (Economics, psychology, sociology, history, law etc).Guest lectures are hosted from Subject Matter Experts. Personal Development courses are made available through the Bibles + Brunch platform.

Spiritual Development

the intentional pursuit of spiritual growth by expanding Christ awareness,  biblical knowledge which ultimately produces spiritual fruit as evidenced by daily living

Bibles + Brunch educates on biblical topics, and trains on spiritual principles by fostering  intentional discipleship. B-Groups  are Bible study groups  created with the sole intention of gaining a greater understanding of the word(Bible). Regional/local B+B chapters focus on intentional fellowship, resource development and community service. Courses are offered through the B+B platform on a variety of spiritual and biblical topics (Deliverance, soul work, prophecy, how to study the bible  etc). Training is offered on activating the gifts of the Holy Spirit through B+B national and regional affiliations. Corporate activation occurs through the annual SheACTs conference.

Community Development

a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.

Bibles + Brunch establishes common global goals that members rally around: (Racial injustice, Women's empowerment, Childhood development etc.) Community  development is done through spreading awareness of common community ailments and funding for community activation through partnership with local resources. B+B regional and local chapters are provided resources for members to get plugged in at a local level.